Lithium Borate

Our range of lithium borate are used in laboratory as buffer for gel electrophoresis of DNA and RNA. These lithium borates are also used in making glasses and ceramics. Moreover, our lithium borates are packed using barrels and other qualitative material to ensure safe delivery to the end users..

Lithium Tetraborate


  • Mol. Formula: Li2B4O7
  • EINECS-No: 234-514-3
  • CAS-No: 12007-60-2

Applications: Fluxing agent for RFA-sample preparation. Production of special glasses and greases.

Lithium Metaborate


  • Mol. Formula: LiBO2
  • EINECS-No: 236-631-5
  • CAS-No: 13453-69-5

Applications: Fluxing agent for RFA-sample preparation